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When your car is more than just transportation

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Meet the team that'll restore your car

"I love it when I am presented with an opportunity to help another person. I choose not to do a lot of things so that I can do the things that I perform extremely well. Our shop is like having all the King’s horses and all the King’s men coming to put Humpty Dumpty back together again." - Joan


"I have owned and operated body shops since 1979, where your car is more than transportation. It is not just a saying; it is a mindset on how we repair your vehicle." - Gary

A few words from our production manager

"When it comes to auto body repair, it runs in my blood. Following my family footsteps as 3rd generation in the automotive industry, you could say this is all I know. Growing up in a body shop has taught me a lot. I make sure that every customer that comes in is treated with the highest level of respect." - Michael

On all insurance work

By reaching out to your claims adjuster directly, we can streamline the claims process and get your car fixed more quickly!

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Privately owned and operated auto body business since 1979 - you get extensive experience and the expertise of our staff at your disposal.

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