Washington Auto Collsion has been serving the greater spokane area since 2000

When it comes to auto body and paint repair in Spokane Valley, WA, Washington Auto Collision stands out among the rest. Trust us with your paint repair needs for these top five reasons:

1. Lifetime warranties on all paint repairs.

2. Touch-up services for even minor blemishes.

3. A commitment to accurate color-match paint.

4. An eco-friendly water-based painting process using the latest technology.

5. Careful protection of the rest of your vehicle during the repair process.

At Washington Auto Collision, quality and customer satisfaction are always a priority. Contact us today to learn more about our auto paint repair services

If you haven’t read enough already here’s some stories

Arrial View of Car driving through a forest

After a summer camping trip in Montana, a family was returning back to Seattle only to hit a deer on the road. The damage was so severe that the car had to be towed to our shop for repair. The family had to leave the vehicle with us for ten days. Their insurance covered their flight back home and when the repairs were finished, we drove the car back to them in Seattle.

A couple from Florida on a road trip in the North West hit a deer, leaving them stranded without transportation or a place to stay. The owners of Washington Auto Collision took them in for a week and a half, offering them a roof over their heads while their car was being repaired.

Road and Mountains
Vanagon on the side of the road

A regular customer of ours was involved in a collision with a man who had recently sold all his belongings to move in with his daughter in California. Feeling remorseful, our regular customer had the gentleman follow him to our shop where we provided overnight accommodations so our paint department could work on the customer’s car first thing in the morning. Thanks to our dedicated technisions, the customer was able to continue their trip to California to live with his daughter in a fully functioning vehicle.